Random (usually depressing) bullshit

3rd week into chemo and this started happening


how did you spend your new years?

A la luna donde debemos estará

Perdóname mi amor… Porque nunca té llevé a la luna, como té deje… Y por eso nunca me voy a ir… Quedó aquí, pero mi mente en el cielo… ¿Y mi alma? Mi alma se quedé con tú mi princesa… Nunca voy a olvidar te, y mi vida no está igual sin tú amor… Un día regresamos a la luna

Omfg finally!!

Haha its been months!! And ive been getting pretty inpatient but now im content! I can can go aanother month or two with out.it again :) woo whoo! Yay for fulfilling vices!

So much fucking pain :/

I can’t sing with out it hurting… And i can’t fucking walk to stand up for.long periods of time :/ i have no money to get pain medications and still have a while till i see my doctor for surgery :( all i want is for some one to rub my head but instead i lay here alone and in pain